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Modern Software Architecture
My name is Michael Montgomery and my forte is Modern Software Architecture. I excel at state-of-the-art SOA design and implementation utilizing the power of .NET. I am a driver of innovation through the expert application of modern process, practice and technology.

I continually strive to be an agent of positive change in any environment.

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Original Content
I apologize, but the site is still under construction. Check back soon for more content.

Until then, please see some of my publicly available content:

1. An example of one of my .NET helper frameworks: MemClean! - .NET Managed Memory Cleaning Agents

2. My column, From the Field, for the IASA (International Association of Software Architects)

July Article: What mean you, SOA? 

September Article: Trust to Lead

December Article: Able Architecture: Part I

February Article: Able Architecture: Part II

3. Session slides and code examples from Philly.Net Code Camp 2009.2

Slides+Code: Retrofitting Your WCF SOA for Silverlight

Slides: When .NET RIA Services are not the Answer

4. Session slides and code examples from Philly.Net Code Camp 2010.1

Slides+Code: .NET Managed Memory Leaks - The Truth

5. Session slides from the IASA Architect World Summit & Philly.Net Code Camp 2010.2

Slides: Modern Software Architecture

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